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Our Mission

Avari XR aims to improve the lives of children around the world by creating 

Our Story

With the rise of the digital age, the expansion and adaptation of technology across multiple platforms and fields has become more vital than ever. Recent developments and advances in virtual reality, a technology typically used by and geared towards those in the video game industry, have shown its great potential for expanding into almost all other professions and industries, including that of care and treatment for individuals with mental and physical disabilities, injuries, and traumas. Virtual reality therapy (VRT) not only has proven to be very beneficial and promising for clinical treatment (most notably for patients with post-traumatic stress disorder) but also by nature allows for a wide range of stimuli implementation, including those that recreate outdoor environments and recreation - things that cannot be experienced by those limited in their transportation to such remote and precarious locations. Further research for the projections of VRT use combined with the designing, filming, and animating of outdoor simulations would allow for valuable insights and work for the integration of this technology into the betterment of the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of thousands of patients and new breakthroughs for healthcare professionals and VR designers.

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