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Avari XR Experiences

Envision | Engage | Explore

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The Environment simulations will be developed using 360 degree video capture by a stationary camera and by AI-generated 360 images, thus creating the experience of standing or sitting in an outdoor environment. These simulations will be suited for more therapeutic applications, thus allowing the child to have a relaxing distraction that will aid in lowering elevated levels of physical pain, anxiety, and more.


The Explore simulations will be similar to the Environment simulations in that they are designed with relaxation in mind and will be developed mainly using “on-the-ground” 360 camera footage, but will have an increased level of interactivity: the child will be able to move about the simulation environment and interact with various elements in the space thanks to the NeRF-based development. This will be achieved by incorporating higher levels of 3D modeling into the development that allow for interactive elements (flora, fauna, geography, precipitation, etc) to be added to the simulation.

Image by Stefany Andrade


The Explore simulations will be developed as a POV simulation of an outdoor recreational activity - both more realistic activities such as skiing and skydiving as well as more imaginative activities such as flying or exploring other planets. These simulations will be developed with 360 video, 3D modeling, and/or generative AI. While all of the simulations will serve to improve overall quality of life for the children, the Explore simulations will be less focused on calming and therapeutics and more on creating a fun, enjoyable, and exciting experience.

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