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Reaching new heights of pediatric care

AI-powered VR/AR experiences for pediatric inpatient care.

At Avari XR, we harness the power of technology to bring boundless joy and healing to pediatric patients. Our app invites young inpatients on awe-inspiring journeys through visionary virtual reality simulations that reimagine the beauty of the great outdoors. By seamlessly blending generative AI creations, interactive NeRF environments, and serene 360 videos, we create immersive experiences that transport children beyond the confines of their hospital rooms. Our AI technology allows young users to co-create personalized 360 photos, translating their text prompts into mesmerizing visual landscapes. The interactive NeRF environments offer dynamic exploration of outdoor settings like majestic national parks, empowering children to change and interact with their virtual surroundings. Alongside these, our carefully curated collection of 360 videos offers moments of tranquility and relaxation. Through these multidimensional experiences, Avari XR not only aids in physical pain management, pre-operative anxiety, and overall mental health care but also fosters creative expression, educational opportunities, and an array of formative childhood experiences. Join us on a journey where imagination knows no boundaries.

Innovative approach to improving patient

Improved pain
and mental health management

Harnessing the power of virtual reality therapy to  help expand patient care for a variety of physical and mental health conditions.

Intuitive and streamlined experience

Allows for more autonomous and accessible health management with an easy and intuitive user experience.

Worlds of creative possibilities with Generative AI 

Patients are able to create experiences that fit their needs and are limited only by their imagination.

Adaptable and customizable to fit patient needs

Focus on improving patient care with measurable metrics and fine-tuning controls for healthcare providers.

Primary phase work

Secondary and primary research through undergraduate senior thesis in the department of Emerging Technology of Business and Design at Miami University (OH)


Business development and mentorship through accelerator program in the Miami University Department of Entrepreneurship

1st place in RedHawk Ventures Pitch Competition



Filming and post-processing of initial 360 video prototype (photo taken at filming location in Colorado)


PortfolioCover02V1 2.jpg

Early R&D

Accepted as a member of the Mayo Clinic Innovation Exchange. Moved to Rochester, Minnesota (home of Mayo Clinic main campus) to focus on primary research, business development, and technology development.


  • Collaboration with medical professionals and technical experts to ensure medically-supported development of simulations

  • Testing of prototypes and refining of content planning

  • Raising seed funding

  • Design of UX/UI for beta simulations

  • Development of simulations using 360 video and 3D modeling

Current stage

After pausing work to gain more experience in VR/AR and generative AI, focusing on iterative MVP development, research continuation, and business development. 

  • Research and development for use of neural radiance fields (NeRFs) and generative AI for simulation creation in close collaboration with a Machine Learning & Computer Vision engineer

  • Design and building of app UX/UI with emphasis on AR capabilities and accessibility 

  • Structuring new and improved business model

  • Prep for content capture trip to Glacier National Park in September 2023

  • Exploring partnership and collaboration opportunities within national/state parks and other outdoor organizations


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